Final interaction with Mao 5/10/2013

Today was my last video interaction with Mao. However, I’ve decided to keep in contact and have weekly interactions with Mao this summer because I found this experience to be incredibly rewarding. In this short clip of our 2 hour conversation, Mao is diligent in taking notes on idioms and phrases that are common to the English language.I was surprised that Mao educated herself prior to our talk by looking up idioms that are common in the English language. Mao recites an idiom and then translates what it would be in her language. It was interesting to see the different ways that cultures express the same meaning. When reciting the idiom, Mao says “Golden home, sliver home is not better than my home.” Rather than saying “silver” she switches the placement of the “l” and “i” possibly because it is easier for her to pronounce it that way. As Mao tries to express that her mother bought dough to make dumplings, she is unable to come up with a word to express this, and viewers can see how difficult it is to communicate with each other at times. During our conversation I talk to Mao about “following the beat to your own drum”. She was confused by the word drum but eventually started making “boom boom boom” sounds and expressing the action of beating a drum with her hands. I used these clips to show that when communicating with someone who is learning a language (or in my case someone who knows nothing about her language) sometimes you need to use hand gestures and even sounds as is seen when I begin talking about the drums to relay a message. These 5 interactions with Mao have been eye opening and I am excited to continue with our friendship we have made.

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