Interaction 4 — 5/3/2013

Here is another short clip of our chat. In China, I found it interesting that students attend Law school as undergraduates. Law school in America is strictly for graduate students. This difference in our culture caught my attention, as did how shocked both Mao and her friend were when I said that in America, we get almost 4 months of summer vacation. I learned a lot about the differences in our culture this week. For example, in America, white people strive to be tanner while in China, they think it is more beautiful to have paler skin. At the end of the clip Mao explains how the man who lives above their apartment has lost his speech. We can further see the trouble Mao has with pronouns. She says, “He lose her speech.” With practice and being more aware, Mao will be able to catch onto the idea that in English, we refer to gender in our daily speech.

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